Monday, August 19, 2013

A Work in Progress

Home again! This means seeing friends that I've been missing for a month and a half, going to my church again (I love my church!), walking the streets of beautiful Prague, and of course, unpacking and setting up my classroom.

In every other classroom I have had, I've come into a room that already was furnished and organized the way this previous teacher had left it. This year is different--since we are in the new building, my classroom is a blank slate. I get to choose the furniture (and there is A LOT to choose from) and I get to choose how to organize it, rather than trying to figure out the thought process of someone else.

It's not finished yet--it is a work in progress (actually, the whole school is a work in progress--but you try moving an entire school in a place where a majority of the work force leave the country for the summer!). However, here is a glimpse of my new classroom:

Classroom in at the beginning of June

Another view of the classroom at the beginning of June

Classroom at the end of my first day back in Prague

Another view at the end of my first day back

Day Three!

Day three: Classroom library

Day three: My desk and the cabinets for classroom supplies

Day three: Another view
 As you can see it is starting to come together--though I have to say, the best looking room in the whole building is the library--that looks AMAZING!  Stay tuned for more pictures of our new building becoming a CISP.

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