Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday Gift Fun

My birthday was last week, and while I'm still sad that it has not yet been made into a national holiday, I did have a great day. I have two wonderful parents who definitely contributed to the amazingness of the day.

First of all, flowers make any day a good day--but they make birthdays extra special. My dad picked out a bouquet of carnations for me.

I love my plan book...and my notebook for notes during meetings...and my calender...but I'm always losing one or the other. So, I have been looking for a teacher's planner that would combine these things. Then, one of my friends pinned this amazing teacher planner on Pinterest from the blog, A Modern Teacher. It was love at first sight, and it was then I realized that if I convinced my parents to print it for my birthday, it would make a wonderful gift.

What I loved about this planner, it that there are so many extra pages--calenders, weekly schedules, weekly lesson plan templates, month at a glance and recap pages, and the Common Core Standards--I could really take this planner and turn it into exactly what I need! It comes with both PDF and PPT, making it really easy to personalize it for you!

I was excited a few weeks later to see that A Modern Teacher had created a Classroom Organizer, with checklists, meeting notes pages, parent/teacher conference forms, etc. to match the planner. As with the planner, it comes with PDF and PPT, so it can be edited to fit your needs! So, I had to get that as well. My teacher mother loved it and was very excited to put it together for my birthday gift.

Fun bag my mom got to go with it--I chose the pictures to add

My planner and my organizer

A peek inside--meal planner and week at a glance pages

Student and class information pages in the Classroom Organizer

I love the planner and organizer and really am so excited to use them this next school year...maybe this will help me to be more organized that I normally am! 

By the way, no, I was not asked or paid to tell you about my new planner--I was just so excited to get it, that I had to share! And if your a teacher and you think it looks as awesome as I think it does (or as "hunky-dory" as my fourth graders would say), then check them out at Teachers Pay Teachers. The planners and organizers comes it quite a few different styles, so you can also choose the style that fits you best!

My parents also gave me school supplies--pens, whiteout, notebooks, etc.--to go along with the rest of the gift. Can I just say, they know the way to a teacher's heart! I loved it! All in all, it was a wonderful birthday!

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