Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

     My classroom is finally First-Day-Ready. What IS First-Day-Ready, you ask. It means that it is at the point where it is ready for our first day tomorrow, but there are somethings that still need to be taken care of--things I need to get for the classroom or bulletin boards that need to be decorated--things like that.

Anyway, since it is First-Day-Ready, I thought now would be the perfect time to give a tour of CISP's fourth grade classroom! Enjoy!

The door--thank you Pinterest for the idea!

What you see when you walk in

Back of the classroom--this is my science area

Classroom library/Language Arts area

Eventually I want to get a display rack for books...hasn't happened yet. :D
Drawers filled with classroom supplies--each labeled with what's inside

My desk area

Student desks (along with their treats for the first day)

Example of school supplies for any parents with questions--it's also where my extra desk is--eventually it will be beside the lonely desk that doesn't have a partner

Our rules--we'll go over these tomorrow

All About Today chart, Behavior chart, and Literature Circle chart
Lockers for shoes (they have to put on indoor shoes during schools) and hooks for coats--bookbags and lunchboxes will go on top.

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