Saturday, May 11, 2013

When I'm Proud to be an American--The Plzen Liberation Festival

Every May, the city of Plzen holds a Liberation Festival to commemorate the U.S. army led by General George Patton freeing their city of Nazi control in May of 1945. It was crazy seeing so many American flags all over the place!

U.S. and Czech Flags Side by Side

The Cathedral in Plzen

View from the top of the church tower

It's the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic.

One of the tanks during the Liberation Festival Parade
These are people in period costume dressed up like the soldiers who liberated the city
One of the important people in the parade--wasn't sure exactly who he was, though...

Another tank!


British, U.S., Czech, and German flags

BEST JEEP EVER! (And good advice, as well ;P)

A military camp set up like in 1945.

Something tells me this sign wasn't written by a Native English speaker.

Tanks were originally called "Land Ships." During WWI, the British disguised tanks in big crates labeled "Water Tanks," and after that, they began calling them tanks.

Because it wouldn't American without the Coca-Cola

U.S. Flag

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