Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Few of My Favorite Things: Companies That Do Good

The summer in between my last year of college and my student teaching, my father handed me the book Not for Sale by David Batstone and told me I HAD to read it. And I did. And my heart broke. And I realized just how horrific Modern Slavery is. Reading that book also started me on a journey that has led me to try to support anti-human trafficking however--well, almost however--I could. About a year ago I really began to feel convicted that I could do more, and I really needed to put my money where my mouth has been. So, I've tried to become an ethical consumer and shop companies that do good. These have become just a few of my favorite things. (And in case anyone wonders, this is a list I compiled. I didn't receive anything for this.)

Companies I've tried and love:

1. PACT--organic and ethically sourced cotton basics; also very soft and comfortable. My two favorite pairs of yoga pants come from them.

2. Synergy Organic Clothing--organic and ethically sourced cotton clothing; Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe come from here.

3. Naja-- bras, underwear, swimwear--The company employs single mothers, paying them above market wages and also helps with the education costs of their children

4. Rey Swimwear-- ethically made and eco friendly swimwear; also modest for those of us who aren't fans of how we look in itsy-bitsy bikinis :)

5. Oliberte-- fair trade boots and shoes--I just got a pair of boots from here for Christmas, and I love them.

6. MOVMT (The People's Movement)-- footwear-- They stand for a reduction of single use plastic and use recycled plastic in many of their designs. Also, I have sneakers from them that are really comfortable.

7. Naturalium-- I JUST came across this a few weeks ago. I was buying new shampoo and had never heard of this brand and decided to look them up. They are a Spanish company that gives part of their revenue to World Vision Spain. Also, it smells really good. And I can order it as part of my online grocery order and it comes straight to my flat. (Thank you, Rohlik!)

9. Starfish Project-- jewelry made by human trafficking survivors

10. Free and Crowned-- headbands, and definitely a more girly site; 25% of every headband sold is donated to anti-human trafficking

11. Simply Earth-- my new favorite essential oil company; They have monthly or quarterly subscription boxes. My next one is in April. I may be a little excited. 13% of profits donated to fight human-trafficking

12. Leiva's Coffee-- family-owned coffee; A portion of the proceeds are reinvested into their community in Guatemala. It tastes amazing. And I worked with the Leiva family while I was in Guatemala. They are pretty awesome people. :) 

Companies I haven't tried YET:

13. Everlane-- ethically produced clothing; They are very transparent about the costs of production as well as their supply chain. I had been coveting a coat from here, but I just got one at a clothes swap, so I will have to wait a while before trying them out. Also, I have my eye on their day heels.

14. Good Paper-- cards made by sex-trafficking survivors

15. Thistle Farms-- ethically produced bath and body supplies; part of community for survivors of abuse, addictions, trafficking, and prostitution

16. Trades of Hope-- jewelry; provide a fair wage job to women in communities where that might not happen. I have a friend who sells this, and while I haven't bought any (yet), I do like it.

17. Odylique-- organic and ethical skin and hair care and make-up

18. Fair Squared-- fairtrade personal hygiene products

19. Celia Grace-- ethically sourced and eco friendly wedding dresses; also for every dress sold, they supply a school uniform to a girl in need; I'm the girl who has been planning her wedding since she was 8, so this is one of my favorite sites ever. I will wear Celia Grace if I ever get married. :) For now, I just drool over them.

Other clothing companies:

20. Komodo

24. MUD jeans-- Sustainable jean company that has a program where you can lease jeans and then return them for a new pair; They are on my radar to try. (Also, if you want to know why sustainable fashion is important, I recommend the documentary The True Cost.)

25. Sseko-- sandals made in Uganda

These are just a FEW of the many companies that choose to do good with their companies. If you know of any others, feel free to let me know so I can investigate.

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