Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teeth Brush and Finding Prince Charming

Sometimes, my kids write such cute stories, I just need to share them with everyone. Please keep in mind that both authors are still learning English. :) 

Teeth Brush
By: A Fourth Grader
       I know to brush teeth. It's easy. You brush the sides really fast and hard. Then you do it to the front of them and the back.
      My friend did not brush his teeth, and now he doesn't have teeth. He didn't brush his teeth everyday.
      My other friend washed his teeth really nicely and has really strong teeth. My mom's teeth are really good, because they are not broken. She did wash them.

Cinderella Finds Prince Charming
By: Another Fourth Grader
Once upon a time there were four people. Those four people were in a ballroom dancing, but then a cat came and took Prince Charming. No one knew what happened to him. Cinderella tried to find him. She asked all the people, but the people said, “no” always “no”.
               Then the king said to everybody, “Prince Charming is going to come on stage and tell us a story.” The king called Prince Charming, “Are you coming or not?” No one responded to the king. The king was waiting for five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes but he did not come.
               Then Cinderella asked the Fairy Godmother, “Can you please give me your wand. Because I can do magic with it. Because I have to find Prince Charming.”
               So Fairy Godmother said, “Ok, you may have my wand. They wanted and always do eight wishes.”
               So Cinderella said, “Ok. Thank you for the wand.”
               “Remember that when the eight wishes are gone, call me and I will be there.”
               So Cinderella said, “But what is the magic word? What is the magic word?” But at that time the fairy godmother had went away. She had to wonder for a little bit. And the guessed it and it was “Cinderella”.
               So she said, “I wish I could find where Prince Charming was.” The wand brought her to Prince Charming. Cinderella said, “The cat has got him.” Prince Charming was all with rope around him. Cinderella said to the cat, “Can I please have Prince Charming back?”
               But the cat said to Cinderella, “No.”
               So Cinderella said to the wand, “I wish the cat was frozen and the rope was not tied.” So then everything was back to normal. So they danced and Prince Charming told the story.


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