Monday, June 9, 2014

Facial Hair, Food, Field Trips, and Fun

10th Year Anniversary Time Capsule Project
For the 10th Anniversary, each class took a different year from the school history and create a project showing that year. 4th grade did a balloon tree for ours.
Drawing all the students from our year on the balloons

This required quite a bit of concentration

Preparing to be traffic directors for history class--to protect our tree

The Balloon Tree

Fourth Grade Plays with Our Food
Food Art for the Art Show
History Class Facial Hair Fun
They used scraps from a project to make beards and mustaches.

And were quite thrilled to pose for me.
 1st-4th Grade Field Trip to the Zoo
Pointing out the Red Panda

My awesome boys

Love their craziness

Having fun on the slide by the polar bears

Looking at the hippos

The Giraffes

I found a new friend for all my bearded students

Cooling Off

I've had a great year with these kids

Fun trip to end the year with

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