Thursday, January 30, 2014

That Team I'm Cheering For Sunday

Normally if you asked my about my favorite football team, I would probably stare at you blankly, give some answer about being bribed with amazing sugar cookies to cheer for the Green Bay Packers, or give you a facetious answer that I go for FC Barcelona (iVisca Barca!).

This year, however, my answer is slightly different (and I'm actually tempted to watch the Super Bowl, albeit, not tempted enough to actually to stay up and watch it. It will be the middle of the night here, after all.) Why do I care, you ask? This year one of the teams is much more then a team. It represents so many things I love.

It represents summer vacations, fish and chips from Ivers (and feeding the seagulls there), and salt water taffy. It represents crabs (that may have been dropped into my hand by my uncle) and sea glass. It represent Alki Beach, the Space Needle, and ferries. It represents cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family reunions. It represents the destination of cross-country road trips, flights, and train trips. It represents rain and the smell of the sea. It represents the place my father went to college and the place where my parents were engaged. It represents my favorite city in the USA.

Why, yes, I'm cheering for the Seahawks. It's my family's team. Proud to show my Seattle roots this weekend.

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