Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Started!

It's started! School has finally started! My lovely fourth graders strolled into my classroom this morning and greeted me with "Good morning, Miss Miller!" Truth-I have missed that a lot over the summer!

I've also missed their hilarious quotes. That is why some of the conversations today REALLY made my day.

Conversation 1:

Student: Miss Miller, what is "staff"? Like, when you walk in the bathroom you see the word "staff" on the door.

Me: Staff is like the teachers or the secretaries--people who work at the school.

Student: Oh, so like you...I thought it was something to do with the FBI. Are you in the FBI, Miss Miller?

Conversation 2:
Student: Miss Miller, what is the difference between Nigeria and Germany? I can't remember which one I've been to.

Me: Well, Nigeria is in Africa, and Germany in right next door to the Czech Republic. It's here in Europe.

Student: Oh! I don't think I've been to Nigeria, then.

Conversation 3:
 First student is talking about how he is American.

Student 2: You're not American! You were born in the Czech Republic!

Student 1: Yes, I am! My parents are Americans!

I try to briefly explain to student 2 about the concepts of passports and citizenship--which is hard to do, by the way, when all of your students are either currently living outside of the country their parents are from or have done so in the past--love all my Third Culture Kiddos! :)

Student 2: Oh, well, I'm American, too. I speak English.


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