Monday, June 18, 2012

Fritz the Frog's Adventures in Ancient Egypt

Years before I was born (before my parents were even married), my dad used puppets a lot of the church my Grandfather pastored. Amongst all these puppets was a quartet of frogs-very cute frogs. I like frogs--I think a few of my classes are convinced they are my favorite animal. They aren't, but they're a really fun theme for my classroom! So, when I found out I was going to be teaching second and third grade here in Prague, I thought it might be fun for one of those frogs to make the move with me. Since they're my dad's puppets, I let him choose which one.
So, thus begins the adventures of Fritz the Frogs from Fritzerland (my uncle named him--not me!) in Prague, Czech Republic.
When it came time to teach a unit on Ancient Egypt, I thought it might be fun if Fritz helped me. So, with my help, Fritz wrote a couple of e-postcards to my class, met them, and then was whisked off in a time machine to Ancient Egypt. As an end of of the year-end of the unit activity, I thought it might be fun if my kiddos wrote some stories about Fritz's adventures while in Egypt. Enjoy a few of them! (And please remember 1)These are 2nd and 3rd graders and 2) Most of them are not native English speakers!)

Fritz in Ancient Egypt
Once upon a time, there was a curious frog called Fritz. He was a very kind, brave, and curious frog. One day he was so curious about Ancient Egypt. So, he made a time machine and went inside. And in five seconds he saw a pyramid. Then, he saw a lot of frogs in the Nile. He went to play with them. He met Hannah, Peter, Silvia, Lilly, Andrew, and Michael. They played "Jump Frog" and some other games. But he was bored, so he went to the palace and became friends with King Tut. Then, King Tut taught Fritz the hieroglyphic alphabet. Soon, Fritz went outside and saw someone messing with his time machine! Then, he ran over to see what happened. And he broke it! Fritz ran back to the palace to tell King Tut. So, King Tut fixed it.

The End

Fritz Lost in a Pyramid

There once was a frog and the frog's name was Fritz. He lived in Ancient Egypt. There was a bad man. He said to Fritz, "Go with me to the big pyramid." So, Fritz said, "Ok." So they went to the pyramid, and the man took Fritz to the the big pyramid, and the man took Fritz to the top of the pyramid. Then the man said, "Wait here until I come back." So Fritz was waiting two hours, then five hours, then nine hours, but the man did not come back. So, Fritz thought the man forgot about Fritz, but he did not. He left Fritz in the pyramid. The Fritz was not waiting in the bi g pyramid but he was going to a door but the door stopped Fritz. But then Fritz heard something outside the pyramid. Fritz thought it was some guards, but it was not guards. It was a Hero. The hero's name was Miss Miller. Miss Miller was a good queen she was always helping people and animals. Miss Miller looked in the pyramid where Fritz was. Miss Miller looked and looked, and Miss Miller found Fritz. So, Fritz was save, because Miss Miller took Fritz out of the big pyramid.

The End

Fritz the Frog's Visit to Ancient Egypt 

Once upon a time Miss Miller sent Fritz the Frog to Ancient Egypt. His time machine broke, so she built her own one and went to Ancient Egypt. She got him and his time machine and came back.

The End

I must admit, it's nice being the heroine in stories! Have a wonderful summer!

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